Sunday, June 29, 2008

Slacker Half-Marathon Results - 6/28/2008

Dennis McConnel1:31:3244197:00
Jill Parker1:44:52138108:01

Slacker Half Marathon Results

Another Great day for running in the mountains. Sunny, blue skies, warm but not blazing hot, a slight head wind as you fly DOWN the mountain.

Slacker starts at the Loveland Ski Area and Finishes in Georgetown, the first 5 miles are on a dirt/rock road, the next 5 are on frontage road (similar to Georgetown to Idaho Springs) and the last 3.1 are bike path from Silver Plume to Georgetown and 1.1 miles in Georgetown. Elevation starts at 10,630 and finishes at 8400. Titled as the highest downhill half marathon in the country.

Slacker is what I call "Revenge on the mountains" after running Mt. Evans the week before. Slacker is primarily downhill, but has a couple of up hill sections, mile 5 - 6 is pretty much a gradual up hill on the frontage road, but after the non-stop elevation gain of Mt. Evans, it's almost laughable. Almost. This mile is always the slowest split.

They changed the course this year (for the better IMHO) by moving the start up the mountain closer to the main Loveland Ski Area and removing about 1/2 of a mile from the finish in Georgetown. This made for a faster course because the Georgetown section is flat with a couple of small up hills reducing the Georgetown section from 1.6 to 1.1. Even with the change, by the time you get there your legs are dead from the 12 miles of pounding so the last 1.1 is always slow and a torture even though you can see/hear/smell the finish.

Jill and I both had Half Marathon PRs. But I suppose it needs an asterisk in the books because of the elevation drop.

I was very happy with my run, I knocked about 6 minutes off my time from last year and a couple minutes off my PR. The Evans training runs and Mt. Evans itself definitely had a factor. I reeled in about 25 runners after we got on the frontage road, many of whom had flown by me on the trail portion. Unlike Mt. Evans where the air gets thinner with every step you take, at the Slacker it gets richer as you run down.

Jill's PR was especially impressive, when you consider she ran Mt. Evans in 2:57 last Saturday, had a 22 mile long run on Thursday and was running Slacker for the first time. This gives her a taste of what St. George will be like in October (26.2 of Downhill with 2600 feet altitude drop). Jill also claims a 2 minute delay waiting for a porta-potti along the route.

Next year lets get more "prostates" out there doing the Mt. Evans - Slacker combination run. They have a great post race party with Popsicles, hot dogs, a Beer Triangle, a raffle and puppies to pet (and adopt if you want). What more could you ask for?



Anonymous said...

Nice job Dennis and Jill!!


Jill said...

Why thanks for the compliments, Dennis. The race was gorgeous; but I found that I actually don't enjoy running that fast for that long, downhill - ha! I prefer the uphill of Mt. Evans where I can walk a little when I'm tired :). Yes, though, I will stake my claim that two women, whom I played hop-scotch with for the first 5 miles, unfortunately got in front of me right as the first portable bathroom came along and thus, I spent two precious minutes waiting for them. Sore legs from the previous week along with a 2 minutes bathroom wait; I think I'll claim an unofficial 1:41!

Anonymous said...


You are just warming up for the Relay, you are runnng well!!

Great job Jill!

Jeff D