Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mt. Evans 2008 Results

It was a great day for running Mt. Evans. Sunny, warm and very little wind.
Our group did well and had fun.

Craig Murray wins this year for our group with Chris being a close second.

Jill won the women's Divison for our group and continues to dominate the field.

Highlights included a ride down the mountain the the back of a pickup truck.
We were really cramped (literally) in the back. Picked up Jeff half at Summit Lake making 9 in the back of the truck.

We found Chris at the Bar at Echo Lake having a few beers and a burger (word is he was cut off at the bar).

Craig Carver was so disappointed there were no cookies at the finish on top he had to take a nap on the way home. Nice driving Jeff (after you found reverse).

Jay gets the endurance award, but finished with that big smile on his face.

Matt Carpenter Set a Course Record of 1:37:01 a 6:42 pace. 2000 Olympic Marathon Gold Medal winner Naoka Takahashi set a new womens Course record with a time of 2:06:22.


Results for our group
Craig Murray2:20:11305
Chris Kamper2:22:48389
Jeff Delaney2:39:17897
Dennis McConnel2:47:5311718
Craig Carver2:51:441336
Jill Parker2:57:351634
Jay Simonson3:18:1124519

Race Results: http://www.myentryfee.com/results/RaceList.aspx?target=44

Mt. Evans Web site: http://www.racingunderground.com/mtevans/

Jay, Chris, Dennis, Craig M, Jill - Pre Race Mt Evans

Dennis, Jay and Craig C. - Post Race Mt. Evans

Dennis in the back of a pickup riding down Mt. Evans

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Jill said...

Way to go guys! I feel honored to run amongst ya, you guys rock! Thanks for letting me drag my sorry ass along on those Mt. Evans training runs; what a blast the whole Mt. Evans experience was for me. I look forward to next year ... I think I'll be joining Chris at the bar for the post-race beer instead of crammed in the back of the pickup. My neck, back and tailbone are still paying the price for that little excursion.
- Jill
Official Prostate Photographer