Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mt. Evans

Dennis, yes I am interested in doing a Summit Lake to Summit of Mt. Evans training run this Saturday.

Craig, as Chief Logistics Officer, came up with the following idea for a ski-run relay: drive to summit, dropping off running gear at Summit Lake; ski couloir from Summit to Summit Lake; stash ski gear at the lake, switch to running gear; run to summit; drive down.

Any takers?

Congratulations to Sharon, Alicia, Jay, Pete, and Paul on your races. Strong work all!

Chris K.


Dennis said...

I would like for Craig to explain to me how just Running up was "ambitious" and now a full blown ski expedition and run up to the summit duathalon is a "good idea"

Anonymous said...

The ski/run duathon sounds like a ton of fun, but need a rain check, I'll be out of town - Trail race on Sunday in CB.

Alicia, I have a friend who is new to triathon. Good runner. Started swiming masters at Hiawathia Davis recently. I'll have her contact you.

Jeff D