Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mile High Mile

Charles Bedford 5:12 - 19th Overall - 1st Division
Steve Fossel 5:16 - 21st Overall - 2nd Division
Pete Maysmith: 5:38 - 36th Overall - 9th Division
Lary Kueter: 7:19 - 113 Overall - 3rd Divison


Pete's Take:

The mile went as well as I could have hoped I suppose. I ran it in 5:36. I was just hoping to break 5:50 so I’ll take it. Charles won the 40-49 but didn’t really have anybody to challenge him. He also has a hip flexor type problem that just popped up. The end result was a 5:11 or so. He was hoping to break 5 mins. Steve Fossel was 2nd in that age group and was actually closing on Charles, I think he finished in 5:15.

Larry ran it and was pretty happy with his time but I’m not sure what it was. The elite race was fun to see. The winner was 4:15. Wow.



Dennis said...

Nice job Pete, the morning after the Mt. Evans training run, impressive.

I'll post the on-line link when they post the results.

Pete M said...

Thanks Dennis...but i still feel slow out there. Good luck with Mt. Evans, I wish I could race it with you guys.