Saturday, June 7, 2008

Highlands Ranch Sprint Tri

Sharon and I both had good races today. Sharon (who came out for the Roger Bannister mile this year) was 2nd overall, won her age group and had the fastest run split among women. She ran a 20:49 5K on a hilly course, logging a better run time than the first place woman (who is a pro athlete). It's particularly sweet because the doctors who operated on Sharon's knee in recent years said, in essence, that her competitive running days were over. Also, today was her birthday!! I finished third overall, winning my AG and running a 22:30 5K. It was a good day!


1 comment:

Dennis said...

Wow, great Job, you ladies both dominated your age groups.
Also congratulations on your top 3 finishes overall.

Good News about Sharon's Knee, that's a great 5K time even outside a tri for sure.