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CO Relay E-newsletter - 6.28.08

Colorado Relay Newsletter with new Route and Legs.
Let the negotiations begin....

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June 28th, 2008 E-UPDATE

Happy Summer!

The 2008 route for the Colorado Relay Classic and the Colorado Relay Century is set and ready for you to take a look.

As you may know, we're now starting in Georgetown and finishing in Carbondale. More details about this and driving directions for both vehicles coming out in July with the Legbooks (running) and Handbooks (driving).

There are a number of changes in the below list which is taken from the Linear Leg Table. Please see the Runner Tables for more details (such as mileage, KM, rating, surface and short description). There is also an overview map.

Leg Where to Where
1Georgetown to Clear Lake (XP1)
2Clear Lake to Guanella Pass Campground (XP2)
3Guanella Pass Campground to Guanella Pass (XP3)
4Guanella Pass to Burning Bear Campground (XP4)
5Burning Bear Campground to Whale Watch House (XP5)
6Whale Watch House to Junction of CR 58/811 (XP6)
7CR 58/811 to Jeff Lake Road/CO Trail (XP7)
8Jeff Lake Road/CO Trail over GP to Jnctn Middle and South Fork Rd (XP8)
9Jnctn Middle and South Fork road to Breck golf course (XP9)
10Breck golf course to Summit Cnty Commons/Frisco (XP10)
11Summit Cty Commons/Frisco to Copper Mtn (XP11)
12Copper Mtn Resort to Vail Pass (XP12)
13Vail Pass to E. Vail (XP13)
14East Vail to Ford Park (XP14)
15Ford Park to Battle Mtn HS (XP15)
16Battle Mtn HS to Beaver Creek Resort (XP16)
17Beaver Creek Resort to Lutheran church on Hwy 6 (XP17)
18Lutheran church on Hwy 6 to Wolcott Post Office (XP18)
19Wolcott Post Office to downtown Eagle (XP19)
20downtown Eagle to Eagle High School (XP20)
21Eagle High School to Dotsero Green bridge (XP21)
22Dotsero Green bridge to Bair Ranch Rest Area (XP22)
23Bair Ranch Rest Area to Shosone Rest Area (XP23)
24Shosone Rest Area to No Name Rest Area (XP24)
25No Name Rest Area to Glenwood Comm Ctr (XP25)
26Glenwood Community Ctr to Glenwood HS (XP26)
27Glenwood HS to Sopris Elementary (Cardiff) (XP27)
28Sopris Elementary (Cardiff) to CR117/125 (XP28)
29CR117/125 to CR125/108 (XP29)
30CR125/108 to Carbondale. Sopris Park (Finish)

We believe that the changes that we've made do two really important things. First, they help us manage the risk on the race course by getting you all through Georgia Pass before the cutoff and dark. We also hope that faster teams can finish later in the day on Saturday rather than earlier. We also believe that legs 26-30 are easier to manage. Second, we think the changes improve the quality of the race course. The scenics between Glenwood and Carbondale are fantastic and we were able to include the entirely dirt leg of #29 which has amazing views of Mt. Sopris in exchange for the previous legs 1-3 from Idaho Springs to Georgetown. Additionally we were able to shorten most of legs 26-30 which we think also increases quality and enjoyment (finishing with your shortest leg).

Check out the basics of the legs in the Leg Tables

    • 2008 Runner Table: Shows each of the ten runners the 3 legs that they would run (ie 1, 11, 21) and the rating for each one.
    • Linear Leg Table: Shows all 30 legs linearly and has some basic description of the legs as well as the surface that those legs are on.
    • Century Leg Table: Shows the 20 legs of the Frisco to Carbondale version of the Colorado Relay with mileage and ratings.
Selected bullets for the 2008 Colorado Relay:
  • Classic: 174.2 miles (280.3 KM)
    • Georgetown to Carbondale, 30 legs
  • Century: 112.0 miles (180.2 KM)
    • Frisco to Carbondale, 20 legs
  • Surfaces: Trail, bike path, dirt road, paved roads
  • Classic: Dirt=61Mi, Bike path=50Mi, Paved=63Mi
    • Longest 3-leg set=22.7Mi (legs 8, 18, 28)
    • Shortest 3-leg set=10.4 (legs 6, 16, 26)
  • Longest single Leg: Leg 8 (12.8mi)
  • Shortest single Leg: Leg 26 (1.5mi)
  • New Exchanges: 9, 10, 11, 15, 19, 26, 27, 28, 29
  • New Prizes: Fastest Leg 8 (Backpack), Fastest Leg 26 (Jacket), Top Donation Amount (Team Vests or Jackets)

Volunteer Assignments are listed in the Volunteer Database. Please have your volunteers view the database and request an assignment. New volunteer positions include: Exchange Point Chief, Sweeper and Risk Management Staff.

Upon registration, teams have 30 days to pay. Because of high demand for slots in both the Century and Classic Races, teams who have gone past 60 days and have not paid may be placed onto a waiting list and their spot available for other teams to take until they pay. Teams captains will be given a one week notice before they are put onto the waiting list. For questions or extensions regarding payments, contact (

Have a great rest of June and we'll be in touch again in July with more information. Feel free to email us ( if you have questions or thoughts.

Pete Mason & Garret Ball
11th Annual Colorado Relay – September 12-13, 2008
Colorado Relay, 444 Ponderosa Dr, Evergreen, CO 80439
ph: 303-670-7147 fax: 303-496-1040


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