Thursday, May 8, 2008

RE: TUES MAY 6 Bannister Mile

Thank Chris, good ideas I'll add them when I get a chance. Glad to hear your in Evans.

Note I had a bad e-mail address (from Dave's original ) for myself so if you got a delivery error ignore it.

That's what I figured,
We could use the blog for the relay and for current and past runners in our group to know what's going on and to keep a record of what times we actually ran (vs. what we say we ran).

If you send an e-mail to : it will automatically create a blog post with the contents of the e-mail using the Subject as the title.

I've added it to this e-mail distribution as an example.

From: Chris Kamper

Hey, the website is really cool. For the website and so everyone can plan their summers around my race schedule, I signed up for Mt. Evans and the Pearl Street Mile. What say we get a group together to go do the PSM? I’ve got “Mile Fever”!!!


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