Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bolder Boulder Results

Place Name City Div Time Pace
700 Craig Murray Denver, CO M35 40:47.93 6:35
1479 Dennis McConnel Centennial, CO M43 43:52.92 7:04
1525 Tom Zeiner Lakewood, CO M57 44:00.63 7:06
2386 Jay Simonson Denver, CO M46 46:08.82 7:26
3472 Paul W Hurcomb Colorado Springs, CO M39 48:06.73 7:45
3544 Jill Parker Centennial, CO F45 48:13.42 7:46
4090 George Antoine Boulder, CO M63 49:01.11 7:54

Bolder Boulder Results


Tom said...

Craig medalled in the 35 year old group--really impressive. Saw Paul from the Y out on the course, running with his daughter. He was waiting in the stands for someone to show up when we found him about 11:15. He was gonna stick around to see Ryan Hall. Cavalli and Rafi ran together (39:15) were at the expo. Charles ran a 36:40 and came in 2nd--40 seconds ahead of Darren deReuck. Saw Bob Basse (Andre's friend)--he did about 41-2. Overall a pretty good day. The rain held off (mostly) till we were drinking beer in the Sink.

Jill said...

Hey....it was nice meeting y'all in section 118 Monday; I am honored to be added to those prickled. I told Dennis he needs to hightlight my name/results for races in PINK so that I am not lost in the mix of men .... though I will not be hard to find as I hover towards the bottom of results. All races Each and ever race. Yep, my weaker muscles will always have me ranked lower than your manly muscles. But as my favorite shirt says: "irunlikeagirl".
Thanks for allowing me to be part of your blog, I look forward to you guys dragging my a** up them hills. Just don't lose the weak (me) along the way to be dinner for those starving mountain lions.