Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mount Evans Training Run 5/31

The Plan:

  • 7:00 Meet at Echo Lake at 7:00. We take two cars up one car up to Summit Lake Park and leave one car and drive one back down. $10 Fee per car.
  • 7:30 Approximate time to start running.
  • 9:30 Finish? Summit Lake Park is 10 Miles From the Start 12 Minute Miles would be 2 hours.
  • 10:30 Should be back to Echo Lake with everyone in the car

Who's Running:
Craig M
Pete M
Jay (Maybe)
Dave (Maybe)
Matt (Maybe)
Tom (Maybe)

I can pick up anyone who is interested at the Cold Springs Park and Ride on my way up about 6 am.

We need two cars so maybe who else drives can pick the others up or meet at someones house.

Weather and Conditions:

Latest Update says the road is open to the top, so if anyone wants to continue past summit lake, we will plan for that to pick you up. Also if anyone wants to cut the route short and wait for the car ride down, we can plan for that too.

Not to scare anyone off, but here's a link to shots of the mountain on opening day 5/23. The middle one looks kinda rough, but it was a cold weekend...


It's supposed to warm up and then cool off a little on Friday, so not sure exactly what we'll find on Saturday morning.

Here's the suggested Gear, since it could be cold/windy at 10,000 feet and climbing.

Running Pack with Water
Energy Food/Snack
A long sleve shirt (extra shirt if you can fit it in your pack)
A wind breaker (waterproof).
Cell Phone (just in case), we'll exchange numbers before the run
Sun Screen
$3 Park entry fee per person

Leg Tights if your legs get cold
Ear protection or warm hat
Dry Clothes for after the run
Food/Water for the ride back to Denver

Here's a few links with more info on Mt. Evans




If anyone else is interested or has other ideas/suggestions post a comment below or contact Dennis.

And keep checking the web site.


Craig M said...

I am interested. The earlier the better from my perspective.

Dennis said...

I can drive my car up, it holds 8, need someone else to drive to drop off the car and bring us back down so we can run back up.

I was thinking about meeting at 7ish.


Jeff D. said...

Early good for me. Denny, is the 7 AM a departure from Echo Lake or Denver? See you for middle 3

Jill said...

Umm...does that list of participants look a little odd; like in grade school when you had to find the one thing in the group that doesn't fit? All I can say is that if I am lost up there (ahem)because my pace is much slower, y'all (Dennis) will never hear the end when I get home. Did he happen to tell y'all how he lost me at Bolder Boulder, right after he got the "don't lose me" lecture? See ya on Sat...with a month's worth of provision and gear (just in case).

Pete M said...

I'm a maybe - I need to figure out a mid-morning child coverage gap.

Jeff - if I can make it work, let's carpool.