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Colorado Relay E-Newsletter May 2008

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May 9th, 2008 E-UPDATE

Happy May --
Greetings teams! Your friends at the Colorado Relay have been working hard to ensure that this years' event is even better than last year. Here's what we've been up to...

We are pleased to announce the towns of Georgetown and Carbondale as the new start and finish line hosts for the 2008 Relay! These changes were based on your responses to the survey and on our desire to improve the Colorado Relay each year. We're attempting to do several key things: improve on safety, reduce areas where your vehicles and runners have to share the road, reduce pavement in exchange for dirt and bike path and reduce traffic on Guanella Pass. For all you veteran teams - and you detail oriented rookie teams - this is what these changes will mean:

  • The Start Line will now be in Georgetown, Colorado. The exact starting line location will be announced at a later date. Legs 1-5 will proceed from there going over Guanella Pass.
  • Vehicle A will now drive over Guanella with runners 1-5. Vehicle B will drive around to 285 for a vehicle exchange that is NOT at a regular exchange. Details later.
    • FYI: Georgia Pass will now be leg 8.
  • Exchange 10 (vehicle exchange) will now be in Frisco. Details at a later date.
  • Route proceeds as usual (for the most part) into Glenwood Springs and exchange 25 (vehicle exchange).
  • The Finish Line will now be in Carbondale, Colorado. The route to Carbondale proceeds on bike path, backroads and dirt roads for 5 legs which are, on average, shorter in length, but have some significant uphills. The exact location of the finish line will be announced with other route details at a later date.
  • We expect to be able to announce all 30 legs in June.
  • FYI we also expect to be full on the 170-mile Colorado Relay Classic by June 1. We do have the new 100-mile Colorado Relay Century (Frisco to Carbondale) for those teams of 1, 5 or 10 who want to tackle that route or sign up after the 170-mile race is full.

Check out the Colorado Relay Century -- a new 100-mile race -- that runs concurrently to the Colorado Relay Classic. Starting in Frisco and running to Carbondale this is 20 legs starting on Friday evening and finishing Saturday. Teams of 1, 5 or 10 tackle the course over Vail pass and down to Glenwood, then climbing up and out over Dry Park to descend to the finish in Carbondale. Do you know an Ultra Runner who might like to give it a try? Send them the link.

We're excited that you helped us fill out our survey information that we sent out back in late March. If you'd like to see what the respondents said in answer to our questions, check out the results here:

SURVEY Results>>

We have the Volunteer Database set up. There are tentative locations and tentative times set up there, such that you may sign up for your TWO volunteer assignments (if any member of your team lives within 100 miles of any point in the course). Please note that the times, duties, shift length and locations ARE TENTATIVE. These will likely change as we load in your 10K times along with the start times, etc. We are providing these to help you get your volunteers situated because we know how hard it is to get volunteers and we are extremely appreciative of your help in getting them and their help in putting on this race.

NEW in 2008: We have created a new Exchange Point position called, "Exchange Chief" (EC). This person will be in charge of the exchange for the duration of the exchange. They must have previous Colorado Relay volunteer experience, be able to be at their position for the full duration and be willing to get extra information, training and SCHWAG for their duties. They will help set up and take down the exchange and ensure that the exchange point is run in a safe and fun atmosphere. In addition a team that supplies an "Exchange Chief" does NOT need to supply a second volunteer.

Directions: For 2008, to request a volunteer assignment you must have a name, teamname, phone number and email for your volunteer or your request will not be filled. In other words, get your volunteer committed before you request a spot.

In addition to the new EC position we are soliciting volunteers to help us with "sweeping the course" on the front country sections and assisting in pulling the flagging and signage after the runners have passed by. This is done by bike or car in most locations. See the last page (#3) of the volunteer assignments

Fines: If you only supply one Official Volunteer (not an EC) your fine will be $50. If your team supplies no Official Volunteers (0) your fine is $175. You can pay this fine at your check-in or you may pre-pay online: (Click on the Fees Category on the left side of the page)

Feel free to email us ( if you have questions or thoughts. Thanks and have a great May!

Pete Mason & Garret Ball
11th Annual Colorado Relay – September 12-13, 2008
Colorado Relay, 444 Ponderosa Dr, Evergreen, CO 80439
ph: 303-670-7147 fax: 303-496-1040


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