Thursday, May 8, 2008

Awesome Work on the Blog Denny!

Hey what about Colfax?

'07 Relay participants please confirm '08 entry! I need $100 bucks +
$25 or more on race day as an Outward bound donation. Tommy get's first
dibs as an alternate. We'd welcome any of the others cc'd as alternate

I think we should consider (at least discuss further) a "Pre-Pickled"
open team, our farm club if you will. Team members could include Matt
(and his twin Cities buddy), Craig M (a.k.a. nice, young Craig), Pete
Maysmith, Jon G-D (even considering his pickled status), Jay's fast
buddy, etc. Maybe we could even entice the likes of a pickled Chipman
to race and Charles, but hey wait, we would still have to still have to
win. There are still spaces available!

This team would be responsible for their own "lodging" arrangements, or
better yet they should be required to sleep in their vans!

Dave deserves kudos on the organization of the Bannister mile....but
wasn't it supposed to be an 800 event?


Jon S said...

This is really great/ almost makes me want to come out and visit

Denny said...

Thanks Jeff and thanks for the post

I like your idea about a farm team.

But what if the Farm Team Kicks our butts?

Does that mean we become the farm team?