Monday, September 11, 2017

2017 Flaming Foliage Relay Results

This year we won the Open Division but finished 2nd overall to a really good Ultra team. We ran the relay as the Rapid Renegades and our time was 23:27:57.  We lost to the  Bibhub Ultra by 3 minutes and 26 Seconds.

Results are posted here

It was another fun, relay with a great team.  We had 2 rookies, Kevin and Justin.
This is our 13th year to run the relay.

Here is a link to photos from the race.

2017 Rapid Renegades
Craig Carver, Kevin Clemens, Justin Palmer, Andre Nieuwenhuizen, Craig Murray, Bob Basse,
Patrick Rutty, Dennis McConnel, Tim Harrington, Bobby Radakovich

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

2017 Flaming Foliage Relay

The group is doing the Flaming Foliage Relay this year on September 8-9, 2017.
Andre is the captain this year and we have a full team with a couple of new runners.

Andre made a few changes this year
This year we will be running as the Rapid Renegades.  We will be starting at 9:00 am from Idaho Springs, CO.

Andre created a Whatsapp group with a link for anyone to join to track our progress.

This is the same course as previous years with 163.3 miles. We are predicting a finish time of 23 hours 48 minutes.

This year's running lineup in order is...

1 Kevin Clemens
2 Andre Nieuwenhuizen
3 Craig Carver
4 Justin Palmer
5 Craig Murray
6 Bobby Radakovich
7 Patrick Rutty
8 Dennis McConnel
9 Tim Harrington
10 Bob Basse

Relay Web Site

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

2017 Bannister Mile Run Results

The 13th Annual Bannister Mile Run was on May 16, 2017 at the East High School Track.

We had 16 runners this year.  Lot of first timers including Richard the winner.
Bobby won the female overall for the 3rd year in a row.

Results are below.

1Richard Williams5:24M 40 - 491
2Ryan Miles5:26M 30 - 391
3Shawn Higgins5:42M 30 - 392
4Scott Dailey5:47M 50 - 59
5Tony Pesie5:57M 30 - 393
6Craig Murray6:06M 40 -492
7Evan Trotter6:09M 10 - 191
8Michael Azchenhimer6:13M 30 - 394
9Ed Trotter6:14M 40 - 493
10Bob Basse6:19M 60 - 691
11Cassidy Miller6:20M 30 -395
12Dennis McConnel6:26M 50 - 592
13Tom Zeiner6:45M 60 - 692
14Pete Cannici*6:59M 50 - 593
15Andre Nieuwenhuizen
Bobby Radakovich
7:02M 60 - 69
F 40 - 44
* Pete arrived after the group mile but ran a solo mile after the relay

The 8X200 Relay Time this year was 4:22.  Only enough runners remained for one team this year. The relay record is 4:04 set on the original Bannister Mile in 2004..

Additional 2017 Bannister Mile Photos Link

Thanks to Ed for taking the pictures this year.

We had 2 more runners at Bannister than we had at the Vine Street happy hour the week before.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

2016 Flaming Foliage Relay

The Pickled Prostates ran their 3rd consecutive Flaming Foliage Relay on September 9-10, 2016.

Race results can be found here. 

Because the team only had 8 runners this year, it had to run in the non-competitive Helter Skelter division, where running order and number of runners is optional.

It was a tough race, only 8 Runners were able to run this year (5 dropping from last years team) and the team captain Craig Murray had the flu on race day and had to drop out.  This left 7 runners to run the 163 miles in 30 legs. Jeff stepped in and picked up 2 early legs Friday before heading back to Denver.  This left each runner doing 4 legs and Tim stepping up to do 5 legs, over 30 miles.

Despite all the challenges, the team was able to post the fastest time by 15 minutes and really pulled through for another relay.

Great job to all.  Welcome back alumni relay runners Rick Hornock, Scott Hajicek and Jeff Delaney.  And welcome to the club Bobby Radokovich, rookie of the year.

2016 Pickled Prostates
Tim Harrington  Craig Carver,, Bobby Radokovich., Bob Basse,  Patrick, Rutty,  Rick Hornock,  Scott, Hajicek
Not Pictured Jeff Delaney

Friday, May 13, 2016

2016 Bannister Mile

Results for the 2016 Bannister Mile run on May 10, 2016 at East High School

1Scott Hajcek5:26M 60 - 691
2Steve Fossel5:36M 50 - 591
3Craig Murray5:55M 40 - 491
4Cassidy Miller6:18M 30 - 39
5Jeff Delaney6:18M 50 - 592
6Tom Zeiner6:34M 60 -692
7Bobby Radakovich6:34F 40 - 491
8Andre Nieuwenhuizen* 6:45M 60 - 693
9Bob Basse6:58M 60 - 694
10Rick Hornock6:59M 50 - 593
11Craig Carver7:31M 60 - 695
12Jay Simonson7:37M 50 - 594

*Andre ran the Week Before Bannister

Relay Times were 4:37 for Team 1 and 4:47 for Team 2.

Pete Cannici ran 6:27 the following Tuesday on May 17,2016.

Photos of the Race from Andre

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

2015 Flaming Foliage Relay Results

The Pickled Prostates won the 2015 Flaming Foliage Relay with a time of 22 Hours 52 Minutes and 16 Seconds.

Results are Posted Here.

This is our 2nd consecutive win for the relay.  Beating our next competitor by 2 hours.

We were 1 Minute and 12 Seconds slower than last year which was our course record of 22 Hours 51 Minutes and 4 Seconds.

2015 Pickled Prostates at Start of Race
Jeff, Bob, Andre, Dennis, Craig M, Craig C, Tim, Scott, Patrick (not Pictured Sarah)

Patrick Getting Ready to start Leg 1 in Idaho Springs, CO at 7:00 AM

2015 Pickled Prostates at the finish in Buena Vista, CO at 6:22:16
Patrick, Craig C, Scott, Bob, Jeff, Dennis, Sarah, Tim, Craig M (not pictured Andre)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

2015 Flaming Foliage Relay

The Pickled Prostates are running the Flaming Foliage Relay on September 11-12, 2015.
This is the relay which we won in 2014 with a time of  22 Hours 51 Minutes.

Web Site..

This Years Team in Running Order is:

1 Patrick Rutty
2 Andre Nieuwenhuizen
3 Craig Carver
4 Scott Dailey
5 Craig Murray
6 Tim Harrington
7 Dennis McConnel
8 Jeff Ross
9 Sarah Clark
10 Bob Basse

We have a 7:30 Start from Idaho Springs on 9/11/2015. 
Predicted Finish is 22:55:59    6:26 AM on 9/12/2015 in Buena Vista
163.5 Miles

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

2015 Bannister Mile Results

Results for the 2015  Bannister Mile held at East High School on May 5, 2015

1Scott Hajcek5:18M 60 - 691
2Scott Dailey5:29M 40 - 491
3Craig Murray5:46M 40 - 492
4Jeff Ross5:47M 40 - 49
5Jason5:48M 30 - 39**1
6Bob Basse6:21M 60 -692
7Bobby Radakovich6:22F 40 - 491
8Dennis McConnel6:26M 50 - 591
9Pete Cannici6:30M 40 - 494
10Jeff Delaney6:34M 50 - 592
11Tom Zeiner6:35M 60 -693
12Craig Carver7:19M 60 - 694
13George Antoine7:59M 70 - 791
14Dave Caprera8:44M 60 - 695
15Dan Haney8:45*M 50 - 593

* Time Not Recorded
**Age Unknown

It was a rainy Bannister this year.  A hard rain began just before we started the race and lasted throughout.  We were all drenched (photos below), but we had fun.  Good to see some of the old runners come back for the mile.

Congratulations to Scott Hajcek for coming back and winning his 5th Bannister. (2004,2007, 2009, 2010,2015).

Congratulations to Bobby Radackovich on being the Fastest Female in her first Bannister.

The relay was canceled this year due to a hard rain and not having enough runners to run 8X200 (and no runners wanting to double it).

Thanks to Carlos for Timing the event and Some great pictures.

2015 Bannister Pete, Scott, Craig, George, Jason, Tom, Bobby, Scott, Bob, Craig, Dennis, Jeff, Dave and Jeff

Two Fast Scott's Leading Lap 3

Great Shot of the Field Finishing in the Hard Rain

Bobby - First Female

Big rain drops drenching us on the track.

Pete Finishing in the Rain.  Pete is the coordinator for the Bannister Mile Event.

This is a great picture of Tom and Jeff Finishing in the hard rain but with smiles on there faces.
This captures the Bannister mile.

Craig's still got it

George is Back with a new age group record

Dan and Dave, just like the old days.

Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 Bannister Mile

The 11th Annual Bannister Mile Run for our downtown running group will be on Tuesday May 5, 2015 at the East High School Track , start time of 12:30.

Forward this information to anyone who might be interested in joining us for the Mile Run.

This is a timed mile our group runs for fun every year near the anniversary of Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile on May 6, 1954.   Following the timed mile and a brief rest we will run an 8X200 relay in a futile attempt to break the 4 minute mile with 8 person teams.

This is our 11th Bannister Mile since it was organized by Dave Caprera in 2004.
Starting in 2015  Pete Cannici is the official coordinator of the event.

Event Records are:

Men 5:01 (Matt Mussetter 2012, Scott Hajcek 2007)
Women 6:03 (Rebecca Weber 2014)
Team Relay: 4:09 (Team 2, 2009 - Steve, Matt, Chris, Dennis, Mark, Tom, Don, Sonja)

History of the Bannister Mile Races can be found on the blog using this Link

Sunday, September 14, 2014

2014 Flaming Foliage Relay Results

We Won!  Overall 1st Place with a time of 22 Hours 51 Minutes.   Also first place Open Division

A course Record.  (1st year the course has been run, but we will take it).

It was a great course.  The old Colorado Relay on the first half and a tougher Copper to Leadville to Buena Vista course on the 2nd half of the relay.

The weather was perfect, with the leaves starting to turn and some great sunny , blue skies for running.

A near perfect race logistically with a great bunch of teammates.  4 Rookie Pickled Prostates this year (Scott, Tim, Sarah and Jeff), but all delivered strong legs.

Race Results are posted on the web site.

Patrick Rutty Won the Georgia Pass Time Trial Leg with a time of 1:53:02.

Thanks to everyone for running, another great Pickled Prostates relay filled with lots of fun memories.

2014 Flaming Foliage Relay Champions 22:51
Patrick, Dennis, Bob, Jeff, Craig Carver, Craig Murray, Sarah, Scott, Tim, (Andre not pictured)

2014 Pickled Prostates Team Idaho Springs, 9:00 Start on 9/12/2014
Front Row: Bob Basse, Patrick Rutty, Craig Carver, Scott Dailey
Back Row: Craig Murray (Capt), Dennis McConnel, Andre Nieuwenhuizen, Sarah Clark, Jeff Ross, Tim Harrington

Bob Running Leg 30 at Sunrise to Buena Vista Along the Arkansas River

More Photos from the 2014 Flaming Foliage Relay

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

2014 Flaming Foliage Relay

The Pickled Prostates are running the Flaming Foliage Relay on September 12-13, 2014.
This is the relay which we got rained out of last year.
Web Site..

This Years Team in Running Order is:

1 Patrick Rutty
2 Andre Nieuwenhuizen
3 Craig Carver
4 Scott Dailey
5 Tim Harrington
6 Craig Murray
7 Dennis McConnel
8 Jeff Ross
9 Sarah Clark
10 Bob Basse

We have a 9: 00 Start from Idaho Springs on 9/12/2014.
Predicted Finish is 22:19:39.    7:19 AM on 9/13/2014 in Buena Vista
165 Miles

Thursday, May 29, 2014

9 News Interview

9 News Interviewed Dennis at the 2014 Colfax Marathon May 11, 2014

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

2014 Bannister Results

Results for the 2014 Bannister Mile held at East High School on May 13, 2014

1Tim McDonald5:08M 40 - 491
2Matt Mussetter5:20M 30 - 391
3Scott Dailey5:23M 40 - 492
4Craig Murray5:42M 40 - 493
5Rebecca Weber6:03F 30 - 39
6Bob Basse6:08M 50 - 591
7Sam Antoine6:14M 20 -291
8Rick Hornock6:20M 50 - 592
9Pete Cannici6:22M 40 - 494
10Tom Zeiner6:24M 60 - 691
11Tim Coyle6:26M 50 -593
12Charley Perez6:41M 60 - 692
13Craig Carver6:50M 60 - 693
14Khem Suthiwan8:04F 30 - 392
15Carlos Bernal8:07M 60 - 694
16Dave Caprera8:20M 60 - 695
17George Antoine8:35M 60 - 696
18Roger Adams9:19M 60 - 697

A new female mile record was set this year with a time of 6:03 by Rebecca Weber, shattering the old record of 6:23.

8X200 Relay Teams

Team Matt  4:42  (Matt, Scott, Rebecca, Sam, Pete, Tim C, Craig C, Carlos)
Team Tim 4:51  (Tim, Craig, Bob, Rick, Tom, Charley, Khem, Dave)

2014 Bannister Mile Runners
Khem, Carlos, Charley, Rick, Pete, Tim, Sam, Craig, George,Tim, Dave, Scott, Rebecca, Roger, Craig, Bob, Matt, Dennis, Tom

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

2013 Flaming Foliage Relay Cancelled

The 2013 Flaming Foliage Relay was cancelled on September 13, 2013.  The day of the race.  It was cancelled due to the rain and multiple floods in the area.  May roads were closed due to the weather including I-70.  We were packed, planned and ready to run, that morning, but it was cancelled at 8:30.  Knowing it was at least delayed we waited at home for the final word and did not even meet at the park and ride at 7:00 as planned.

So for the first time in 9 years, no relay for our group.   It was strange unpacking from the relay with dry clean clothes in the bag.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Flaming Foliage Relay 2013

This year the group is going to change relays to the Flaming Foliage Relay.
Here's a link to the web site

This is the inaugural  running of this relay, it follows a route similar to the original Colorado Relay we started running in 2005,  Idaho Springs Start, through Guanella Pass, several trail run including Georgia and up through Breckenridge and Copper.  Then it turns up to Leadville and ends in Buena Vista.

Since we are not all masters this year, we are changing our name to the 16th Street Runners.

The relay is on Friday September 13-14th.  We start at 9:00 in the last wave with 2 other teams.  60 Teams total.

This is our lineup in running order

1 Patrick Rutty
2 Andre Nieuwenhuizen
3 Craig Carver
4 Jeff Delaney
5 Chris Kamper
6 Scott Hajicek
7 Dennis McConnel
8 Craig Murray
9 Sarah Clark
10 Bob Basse

We are predicting around 22 hours time, but the 2nd half of the route is new.

I will update the site after the race with results and pictures.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

2013 Bannister Mile Results

Results for the 2013 Bannister Mile held at East High School Track on 5/14/2013

Zach McConnel5:02     1M 18 - 191
Scott Hajicek5:14     2M 50 - 591
Scott Dailey5:20     3M 40 - 491
Patrick Rutty5:21     4M 40 - 492
Dennis McConnel5:30     5M 40 - 493
Chandler Newall5:47     6M 20 - 291
Craig Murray5:48     7M 40 - 494
Bob Basse6:04     8M 50 - 592
Pete Cannici6:11     9M 40 - 495
Tim Coyle6:12   10M 50 - 593
Rick Hornock6:13   11M 40 - 496
Jeff Delaney6:27   12M 50 - 594
Cassidy Miller6:27   13M 20 - 292
Tom Zeiner6:28   14M 60 +1
Teddi Wold6:34   151
Craig Carver6:35   16M 60 +2
Henry Badra7:21   17M 20 - 29 3

2013 Bannister Mile:  Scott D, Tom, Peter, Carlos, Bob, Rick, Craig M, Jeff, Dennis, Patrick, Zach, Tim, Craig C, Scott H, Teddi, Cassidy, Henry, Chandler

Relay Results  (8X200)

Team 1
Zach,Tom, Patrick, Chandler,Tim, Bob, Jeff, Cassidy4:20
Team 2
Dennis, Craig, Rick,Scott,Craig, Pete, Scott, Zach

8X200 Relay Leg 1, Zach with a slight lead over Dennis (30 Years)

Thanks to Gina and Brittany for helping to keep times and organize the event.  Thanks to everyone for running it was fun, and competitive as always, great efforts today.  The records still stand.

Special Awards to Rick Hornock for running Bannister 8 days after a PR in the Colorado Marathon 3:23:41 and a BQ by 6 minutes.

Also to Pete Cannici who becomes the first runner to get hit by a football while running the Bannister Event.

Let Dennis know if there are any corrections on times or place or age groups.